Auto Finesse confirms attendance at Japfest Silverstone 2024

Japfest Silverstone, the ultimate celebration of Japanese automotive culture, is set to ignite the tracks once again. This year, we welcome the return of Auto Finesse as the prestigious Show and Shine sponsor. Auto Finesse, known for their commitment to automotive detailing, is not just sponsoring the event – they are bringing their A-game with the hand-picked display called “Auto Finesse Select” at the scrutineering area.

Auto Finesse Select: A Hand-Picked Display: Auto Finesse is not content with just sponsoring the Show and Shine; they are curating an invite-only display within the scrutineering area – “Auto Finesse Select.” This hand-picked display features a carefully chosen lineup of vehicles that exemplify the essence of Auto Finesse’s commitment to automotive excellence. From perfectly polished paint to intricately detailed interiors, each vehicle in the Auto Finesse Select showcase is a testament to the brand’s dedication to perfection.

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