If you’re looking for some top-notch products for your car all in one place, then be sure to head to our Retail Village.

Situated at the heart of the event, the retail village is packed with everything and anything you could need for your car, from throttle bodies to wheels and camshafts to coilovers and everything in between!

We are proud to promote that you will also find some of the leading names in the industry showcasing their latest products and offering advice on your project, as well as exclusive discounts that are simply too good to miss!

What else is going on

German Car Festival Show and Shine

Want to take centre stage at the German Car Festival? Want to take home the prize of the German Car Festival Show and Shine winner?

German Car Festival Club Hero Award

The Club Hero award gives the club members the chance to nominate an outstanding individual in your club.

Total BMW Mag Display

The biggest magazine in the BMW scene, Total BMW Magazine, will of course be at the heart of the German Car Festival 2024.