The German Car Festival offers you the chance to experience the iconic circuit at Goodwood.

The circuit will be open from 09:00 to 17:00 and will be divided into morning (AM), afternoon (PM), and all-day sessions.

Track time Prices:

There will be no more than 10 drivers on track at once and the day is structured into 15-minute sessions. Driving time should include at least three 15-minute driving sessions, or if they are doing a full-day, expect that to be around six 15-minute driving sessions.

If flying around the track isn’t for you there are viewing areas situated right around the track to soak up the action.

Please note all track sessions are for German cars only. We will exercise the right to refuse entry to any other vehicles. You will also need a valid entry ticket for the show and to bring the paper section which accompanies your driving licence. This can be downloaded from the DVLA website and brought with you. No refunds will be given if you do not provide the correct documentation. The minimum age for passengers wanting to go on track is 18 years.

Click here for track time rules and regulations

What else is going on

German Car Festival Street Elite

Want to take centre stage at the German Car Festival? Want to take home the prize of the German Car Festival Street Elite winner?

Club Hero Award

The Club Hero award gives the club members the chance to nominate an outstanding individual in your club.

Total BMW Mag Display

The biggest magazine in the BMW scene, Total BMW Magazine, will of course be at the heart of the German Car Festival 2024.