Tire Streets UK Sponsors Drift Kings
at Japfest and TRAX Silverstone Events

Fast Car Entertainment is thrilled to announce Tire Streets UK as the official sponsor of the Drift Kings events at Japfest and TRAX Silverstone. The partnership signifies a celebration of automotive culture and community spirit, reflecting the essence of car enthusiasts coming together.

Tire Streets UK expressed their excitement about the extended partnership, emphasising their profound admiration for events like Japfest and TRAX. In their statement, they highlighted the vibrant atmosphere these gatherings create, offering attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse array of vehicles, from daily drivers to competition-spec machines and rare gems.

The Drift Kings competition, a highlight of both events, captivates spectators with its awe-inspiring displays of skill and power. Tire Streets UK lauded the camaraderie among the talented drivers, noting the sense of community both on and off the track. The fierce competition fosters a familial atmosphere where teams support one another, exemplifying the spirit of goodwill and collaboration.

For Tire Streets UK, the sponsorship represents more than just brand visibility; it signifies a commitment to the automotive community. Their dedication to community engagement is evident in their product development process, which is driven by feedback from enthusiasts. Embracing the principle of ‘kaizen’, or continuous improvement, Tire Streets UK values every voice within the community and seeks to enhance the car enthusiast experience.

“We’re beyond stoked to extend our partnership with Fast Car Entertainment/Kelsey Media and sponsoring the Drift Kings events at Japfest and TRAX,” expressed Tire Streets UK. “These events demonstrate a huge community spirit, something we greatly value – we’re all huge automotive fans here, so we treat events like these as celebrations of car culture.”

The sponsorship of Drift Kings at Japfest and TRAX Silverstone signifies a shared commitment to fostering a thriving and inclusive automotive community. As enthusiasts gear up for the upcoming events, the presence of Tire Streets UK promises to enhance the experience, inviting attendees to engage in conversations about their shared passion for cars.

“We look forward to meeting everyone at Silverstone for Japfest/TRAX and talking all things cars!” concluded Tire Streets UK.

Japfest and TRAX Silverstone, renowned for their electrifying atmosphere and diverse showcases, is the perfect backdrop for the Drift Kings competition. With Tire Streets UK as the official sponsor, attendees can anticipate an unforgettable celebration of automotive culture, camaraderie, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.